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Message Sticks

The message sticks project was an initiative that was part of the townscape upgrade and youth week event in 2021.

In 2021 the Kalannie kids took part in our message sticks project. The idea behind the project was a part of youth week, where there is a strong focus on children's health and wellbeing. By using message sticks to convey this, it will reinforce each child's place within their family and their community, while creating a lasting physical reminder of this connection. A connection to family and community is vital for a child's health and wellbeing.

The CRC invited Indigenous artist Acacia Collard and Badimia representative Beverly Slater to come to the CRC and talk about the different symbolism connected within Indigenous art. Beverly also spoke about the significance of totems for Indigenous people and how every family has their own totem. Most totems are animals and the family connected to that animal must always look after them (and never eat them!). Then they guided the children on how to paint onto the message sticks their family, personal identity and connection to Kalannie through different symbols and artwork. The message sticks will be placed amongst the playground and are there for all residents to show their connection to Kalannie.

The message sticks is an ongoing project where Kalannie residents past and present are welcome to paint their own section. If you would like to be a part of this great initiative then please contact the CRC by email for more information.
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