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Kalannie Community

The Kalannie community consists of local businesses, education and schooling, council facilities, community groups and sporting groups. If you require any information, please do not hesitate in contacting the Kalannie Community Resource Centre. Below is an outline of what the Kalannie Community Resource Centre can also offer you.


  • Kapers Local Newsletter

  • Business training

  • Children’s cultural opportunities

  • Rhythm & Rhyme Children Initiative Activity

  • Educational/Health support

  • Entertainment

  • Events

  • Identifying and sourcing external skills and expertise

  • IT and web training

  • Laptop, data projector and IT equipment

  • Library and Toy Library

  • Movies in Motion inflatable screens cinema nights

  • Secretarial-skills and service

  • Tourism - gifts & souvenirs

  • Traineeship

  • Venue - meeting room, office, wireless internet

  • Video conferencing

  • Department of Human Services

  • Rural in Reach Services

  • Fitness Centre

  • Kodak Photo Printing Booth


New residents locating to Kalannie are provided with a Welcome to Kalannie pack. Below is part of the welcome pack that provides local business information, education resources, council facilities, community and sporting group details.

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