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The Kalannie CRC continues to provide the latest technologies & services at competitive prices for the whole community’s benefit, with a government information access point for Medicare and Centrelink services. High quality facilities and equipment are always available and providing relevant quality training needs and opportunities as identified by the community. 


A community friendly yet professional business that services the needs of the local and surrounding communities, businesses and people passing through. Kalannie CRC enriches the community experience by offering exposure alongside encouragng the community to participate in the arts, music, literary, drama, creative expression and social activities. 


The Kalannie CRC is managed and owned by the local community. Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation, ranging from the management committee through to community members participating in projects, planning, and the general office duties.


The Kapers is a local newspaper which is produced within the Kalannie CRC to help share local and surrounding news in our region within our community and residents.


There is always something happening in Kalannie

About Us

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