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Kalannie Herbarium

In 2017, the Community Resource Centre (CRC) offered to rehouse the Kalannie Herbarium as a permanent, public display.

To facilitate the move, NACC (the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council) provided funding for the entire collection to be ‘edited’. Labels have been revised to conform to current practice, names have been updated as required (according to the WA Herbarium’s Florabase website (Western Australian Herbarium (1998- ) 'Florabase – The Western Australian Flora. Parks & Widlife Service, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions'. [accessed Oct 2017 – Apr 2018]) and, where necessary, specimens have been remounted.

Most specimens were in excellent or good condition, but more than half required attention of some kind. A few were in such poor shape that they had to be discarded altogether. The herbarium renovations were carried out by Ian Fordyce and Birgit Schmalz in Perth. Yarra Yarra’s Jude Sutherland and NACC’s Lizzie King (both in Perenjori) supervised the project.

In its current, renovated form, the Kalannie Herbarium consists of 736 mounted specimens (734 higher plants and two ferns). These include 604 individual taxa (species, subspecies, varieties), representing 240 genera, and 70 families. There are 32 intoduced weeds in the collection; the remaining 572 plants are native to the Kalannie area.

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Project Gallery

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