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Kalannie - Sharing Our Story

Developing and upgrading the main street of Kalannie is an ongoing project which has been in development since 2018.

So far, the CRC has had a flying fox installed, planted trees and installed a replica of the Rabbit Proof Fence. In 2021 the Kalannie kids took part in our message sticks project. Where they painted onto the message sticks their family, personal identity and connection to Kalannie through different symbols and artwork. The message sticks will be placed amongst the playground and are there for all residents to show their connection to Kalannie.

In 2022 in conjunction with National Wattle Day and the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, the CRC held a Wattle Day event. This will be an ongoing project where we will be planting Acacia wattle species native to Kalannie in the main street and at each entry point into town.

2023 saw the completion of the planting wattle trees for the Queen's Jubilee project. With community volunteers helping to plant a wide variety of wattle trees in the main street and at the entry points into town. Along with the wattle trees, the vibrant message sticks were added to the townscape. The CRC held an art filled afternoon where locals came to continue adding their story to the message sticks.

In 2024 we had a Memorial Wall installed and had artist Brenton See come to Kalannie and paint a mural on the CRC building. It includes the flora and fauna that are local to the Kalannie area. Red tailed black cockatoo, wreath lechenaultia, wattle and echidna. With the inclusion of a willy wagtail at the water fountain. We are hoping that Brenton's beautiful work will be part of an ongoing art trail project within Kalannie.

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